Many standard contracts to cover initial confidential discussions to contracting with a consultant/contractor to protect copyright material in hard copy, online, on websites or when publishing; also protection against infringement and actions when infringed and assignment of copyright when selling.

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Typical Terms and conditions for download and use of an “App” (application software) for any service or software from games to payroll. Lists permitted licensed usage and prohibited acts. Read moreRead more


A software program consists of computer programming code (source and object code), together with the written documentation, e.g. Software listings, schematics, etc. In order properly to transfer all rights to that asset to a purchaser, the developer must assign all of his original rights (his intellectual property rights), title and interest to the purchaser. This assignment secures the transfer of those rights. Read moreRead more

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This version of open source license allows unlimited redistribution for any purpose as long as its copyright notices and the license's disclaimers of warranty are maintained. The license also contains a clause restricting use of the names of contributors for endorsement of a derived work without specific permission. Not to be used unless the user knows exactly what the implications are. Read moreRead more

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This contract permits very limited disclosure and use of confidential information for a particular purpose. In this contract, the disclosure is required by a licensee to a third party outsourcing company of confidential information relating to a software program for which the licensee has already entered into a software licence with the licensor. Read moreRead more


The surest way of dispelling any ambiguity as to copyright ownership on an international basis is to express it in every manner possible—online, on websites, on disks, print-outs, manuals or any other material on whatever media. This section shows how to display the commonly used copyright legends for manuals/written documentation?owner’s software media (CD, DVDs, etc) and as screen display and?as used on 3rd party software. Read moreRead more

Copyright Permission-Use License

Simple agreement to give permission to use owner’s copyright material (eg for use of video footage, training, sales, support, development, product assembly instructions, etc). Read moreRead more


Creative Commons Corporation is a Massachusetts-chartered, tax-exempt charitable corporation, a non-profit organisation which had the idea of universal access to material for research, education and culture made possible by the internet. The infrastructure provided by CC consists of a set of copyright licenses and tools that create a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates. The material in this section outlines the Master Terms of Use and the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Read moreRead more

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DISCLAIMERS (hard copy material)

Disclaimers attempt to exclude liability for material contained either in hardcopy manuals, instructions, advisory material or textbooks on any subject or on websites by the author/publisher Read moreRead more

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Agreement which permits the disclosure of information by a party bound by non-disclosure provisions. Read moreRead more


eBook publishing is the digital publication of books and written material, which are usually sold via a Publisher’s website (e.g. Amazon Kindle, iBooks). This contract is drafted for the benefit of the Author, who does not grant exclusive worldwide rights to the Publisher but keeps more control of the exploitation of the Author’s own copyright material. This Contract is drafted in the format of a contract for services for the Publisher to provide development, publication and marketing services to the Author rather than a traditional publishing licence. This contract allows the Author to be solely in charge of and have final approval of the entire content and production of the eBook including the title, style and design as well as the method of distribution. It also enables the Author to approve the Publisher’s marketing and promotion plans to ensure the widest possible exposure for the eBook to the greatest number of potential purchasers worldwide Read moreRead more


eBook publishing is the digital publication of books and written material, which are usually sold via a Publisher’s website (e.g. Amazon Kindle, iBooks). This contract is drafted for the benefit of the Publisher with exclusive worldwide rights to publish the material in all manner of digital formats and is solely in charge of the title, style, design, price, promotion, sale and distribution. The Author warrants that the work is original and is the sole owner also that the material is not in any way objectionable on grounds that it is e.g. unlawful, defamatory, infringing, misleading or deceptive. The Publisher will sell the eBook via its website, collect all sales revenue and pay the Author a percentage royalty of the net receipts. Read moreRead more

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Designed to give the owner of proprietary and confidential information some protection in circumstances where disclosure of such information to another party is required. Only one party is protected by disclosure in this contract. Read moreRead more


Designed to give both parties to the contract, both being owner of proprietary and confidential information, some protection in circumstances where disclosure of such information to the other party is required. In this contract both parties are protected. Read moreRead more


As opposed to software being protected by strict licensing terms, Open Source Software (OSS) is computer software that is made available in source code form to the general public with much less stringent or indeed, non-existent copyright restrictions which are legally available to the copyright holder. Software developers must decide if they want to publish their software with an OS license since any user will be able to develop the same software or understand its internal functioning. OSS also generally allows anyone to create modifications of the software, port it to new operating systems and processor architectures, share it with others or market it. Read moreRead more

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Proposal for work (Template)

Typical template for contractor to include its comprehensive “sales pitch” information and estimated costs to a prospective client/customer for any type of project. Read moreRead more

SaaS Agreement

Software as a service (“SaaS”) style contract for access to software on subscription basis. Includes support and hosting options. Read moreRead more

Statement of work (template)

Typical statement of work (SoW) template ready for detailed requirements for work or project to be carried out by the contractor, giving suggested headings for typical stages, work type, deliverables, timetable and milestones towards Go-live/roll-out/handover/completion of the project. Read moreRead more


The US Copyright Office introduced an online system of registration of designated copyright agents nominated to receive any notification of copyright infringement and an electronically generated directory of their contact details. Read moreRead more


Acceptable Use Policy is intended to ensure the integrity, security, reliability privacy and proper, legal use of the content of this website as well as the computer servers, services, websites, data and work product of a system Read moreRead more


policy which advises users/visitors what information is gathered automatically when they use the website, what they themselves disclose to fulfil an enquiry or order and what the operator will or will do with their personal information. This gives 2 typical standard examples: Example 1: For a Professional confidential website—with non-disclosure of personal data; Example 2: for a Retail website— with some disclosure of personal data. Read moreRead more

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