Many standard contracts to cover purchase or sale of data for use in websites, databases and services (eg SaaS type services) as well as contracts for hosting of the website/database and colocation of the server.


This Contract is the click-wrap version of Contract 27 (which is the signable version) and is a fairly comprehensive agreement dealing with the supply of online information to business, be it financial to stockbrokers or legal to lawyers, and sets clear and definite parameters within which the data may be accessed and used. Read moreRead more

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In this contract the data supplier/owner is providing a data “feed” to add its data under license to a database owner’s database. A database owner may not itself create any original “raw” data, but rather, select and license data from several sources as well as keep such data continuously updated. The terms cover what can and cannot be done with the data and suggests various charging structures. Read moreRead more

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In this Contract, a database owner is purchasing data for the purposes of creating and refreshing a database which is subscribed to by end-users. The database owner may either provide the data to end-users in the form in which it is supplied (i.e. "raw" data) or as part of a larger "added value" service to customers, the latter being the example in this Contract. Read moreRead more

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Provides end-users with access to online data or to a database of any type – typical in the financial, legal, property, shopping or similar areas where speedy access to information is required. Read moreRead more

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