Typical Terms and conditions for download and use of an “App” (application software) for any service or software from games to payroll. Lists permitted licensed usage and prohibited acts. Read moreRead more



The most commonly used term “App” is merely an abbreviation  for any “application software” designed to perform any task or activity for the benefit of the user and as such, tends to provide the user with quick and easy access to the software functionality. Once downloaded, the App places its own unique icon/logo which act as a shortcut to access the App when ‘clicked’/’tapped’ by the user.

App are often downloaded by users for use on their mobile phones or tablets so that they can be used anywhere at any time. There are now hundreds of Apps available for every conceivable function, including mobile apps for music/film download, photo editing, travel information, maps, News, weather, games, payroll, pension, spreadsheets, HR, health and fitness – to name but a few.

As the App is software,  typical software licensing terms and conditions will apply.