Takashi Kanai (LL.B., LL.M)

Former Japanese Contributor

Takashi is an attorney-at-law at Frantech Law Office Tokyo  and a professor at Musashino University, Tokyo. His practice involves computer-related contract law; Unfair Competition Prevention Law; Trademark, copyright, Product Liability, company law, franchising and intellectual property law and international finance. He has studied at Keio University, Japan, Cornell University Law School, USA and Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London. He is a member of Dai-ni Tokyo Bar Association, Japan Trademark Association, Risk Management Consultant Association of Japan and of the Committee on Unfair Competition Prevention Law (Institute of Intellectual Property).

Publications: He is the author of “Computer Program and Database Protection in Japan” (co-authored by Kei Amemiya) (in English language) “Franchisor’s Duty to Disclose under Franchise Agreement at its Conclusion” (1994) (in Japanese language) “Franchisee’s Confidentiality Duty and Non-Competition Duty under Franchise Agreement” (1995) (in Japanese language) “Franchise Agreement and Product Liability Law” (1995) (in Japanese language) “Bankruptcy Issues under Franchise System” (1997) (in the Japanese language) “Copyright Issues on Graphics” (included in “Copyright Issues on Homepages” edited by Internet Lawyers Conference, 1997) (in the Japanese language).

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