Stephen Mason

Stephen Mason, Barrister

Electronic and Digital Signature Specialist Contributor

Stephen Mason is a barrister ( with an interest in electronic signatures, authentication, security, electronic evidence, email and internet use, and interception and monitoring of communications. He is a member of the IT Panel of the General Council of the Bar of England and Wales, an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London, and an independent director of tScheme Limited (tScheme is the national body responsible for accreditation and supervision referred to in Article 3(4) of the EU electronic signature Directive).

Publications: Stephen Mason is the author of Electronic Signatures in Law, 3rd edn (Cambridge University Press, 2012) and Electronic Banking: Protecting Your Rights (PP Publishing, 2012), and the general editor of Electronic Evidence, 3rd edn (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2012) and International Electronic Evidence (British Institute of International and Comparative Law, 2008). He is also the founder, general editor and publisher of the international journal Digital Evidence and Electronic Signature Law Review, which has become an international focal point for researchers in the area. To encourage people to take the virtual world seriously, he wrote his first espionage novel (including a passing reference to lawyers) under the pseudonym of Felix M Temple, The World’s a Minefield (2009).

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