Michele Rennie

M-T Michele Rennie (LL.B, NP.)

Principal Legal Author and Editor

Michele is Head of Intellectual Property and Internet Law at Computalaw Ltd, based in UK, Europe and internationally. Computalaw provides the most up-to-date IT, Internet and E-commerce legal and business contracts for worldwide use through www.computalaw.com which was awarded Internet Law Firm of the Year in 2018 & 2020, Leaders in Law – Internet & E-commerce 2020 and Global Law Experts for Internet & E-Commerce in 2019 & 2020.

Michele has specialised in intellectual property and internet law worldwide for over 25 years and has acted as international legal adviser to hundreds of IT companies round the world from multinationals to start-ups serving many varied business sectors. Such sectors range from aerospace and other safety critical industries such as driverless cars and surgical equipment, to software, databases, systems, SaaS, Cloud computing, companies creating Platforms for the ‘GiG’ economy, employment, financial and legal sectors, mobile phone payment systems and companies developing ‘Apps’ for every type of product and service.

In addition, Michele is legal advisor to numerous smaller pioneering companies in specialist niche areas such as an exciting technology company harnessing satellite data intelligence for environmental analysis and statistics required by multi-national organisations such as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Most recently, Michele is legal advisor on AI digital ‘tools’ as well as advising ‘disrupter’ companies offering novel Platform services.

Michele was awarded Women in Law winner in 2019 and 2020 and voted one of the Global Law Experts for Internet & E-Commerce in 2019-20. She is a member of the International Bar Association Committee on International Computer & Technology Law, past chairman of the British Computer Society Ecommerce Legal Task Group, and a member of the Intellectual Property and Electronic Commerce working parties of the Digital Alliance. Michele was also legal adviser to the CTOSE Foundation, established to promote the results of the European Commission-sponsored CTOSE Project on Cybercrime which is now utilised worldwide.

Publications: Michele Rennie is a regular conference speaker and is the author of several publications on International Computer and Internet Contracts and Law (published worldwide by ThomsonReuters/Sweet & Maxwell) 1994–2021, which is updated several times a year to keep abreast of the latest developments. This publication contains over 6,000 pages of computer and internet contracts and intellectual property and e-commerce law relating to UK, Europe, USA, China, India, Australia, Japan and the internet with specialist sections on Electronic Signatures and Online Dispute Resolution.

Michele is also the Editor of Computer and Telecommunications Law Review (CTLR) published by ThomsonReuters/Sweet & Maxwell for which she edits and writes IP articles.

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