Kensaku Yamamoto (BPharm. Sc, MPharm. Sc., LL.M)

Japanese Contributor

Kensaku is an attorney-at-law and patent attorney at SHUSAKU·YAMAMOTO, Osaka. His practice involves technology and software contracts & licensing, intellectual property advisory & litigation, research and technology collaboration, computer-related contracts, patent, trademark, design, copyright, corporate, venture capital, distribution, franchise & dealership, information technology systems, electronic commerce, cloud computing, data protection & privacy, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets regulation, health & pharmaceutical regulatory, IT regulation, media, telecommunications, anti-monopoly and general IP-related commercial matters for computer/IT industry, semiconductor, electronics industry, life sciences and pharmaceutical clients.

He has studied at Kyoto University, Japan and University of Southern California Gould School of Law, USA. He is a member of Osaka Bar Association, Japan Federation of Bar Associations, First Tokyo Bar Association (2005 – 2012), Japan Patent Attorneys Association, AIPPI JAPAN and International Trademark Association.

Publications: Kensaku Yamamoto is the author of “Kinetic resolution of amino alcohol derivatives with a chiral nucleophilic catalyst: access to enantiopure cyclic cis-amino alcohols” 2001 (in English language); “Material Facts of Intellectual Property” 2007 (in Japanese language); “Law on chemical substances amended” 2009 (in English language); “Legal Advice on License Agreements for Intellectual Property” 2011 (in Japanese language); “Summary and recent trend of disputes over pharmaceutical-related patents in the US” 2017 (in Japanese language); “Approval process of regenerative medicine products for spinal cord injury based on scientific appraisal” 2019 (in Japanese language); “Outsourcing Laws and Regulations 2020 (Japan Chapter)” 2020 (in English language) and “Recent Japanese Legal AI/IoT Data Utilization Developments’ 2021 (in English language).

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