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International Computer and Internet Contracts and Law

by M-T Michele Rennie.

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The book and accompanying disk provides the practitioner with over 65 ready-to-use contracts and licenses drafted by some of the world’s leading experts. Each contract has multi-jurisdictional clauses for use in UK, European Community, USA, China, India, Australia, Japan and on the Internet.

The Book’s Commentary offers a comprehensive, definitive but user-friendly analysis of software and database protection in the European Community, USA, Japan, Australia, India and on the Internet as well as specific commentary on E-commerce and Digital and Electronic Signatures.

The subject matter is broken down into familiar areas to help guide you to the relevant materials. It includes numerous styles of contracts, licenses and forms on:
  • Software licenses (including Shrink-Wrap, Web-Wrap and Open source, Creative Commons)
  • Distribution agreement (for software, hardware or systems)
  • Software development contract
  • 'Real-time' and historical data supply agreement
  • Global network contract
  • Website development agreements
  • Escrow agreements
  • Data license agreement
  • On-line subscriber and ISP agreements
  • Internet and Ecommerce contracts (including website development, hosting, content, search engine optimisation, e-book publishing and 3D printing)

Authors and Contributors

    Principal Legal Author:
    M-T Michele Rennie (LL.B, NP) Head of Intellectual Property and Internet Law, Computalaw Ltd.


    J.T.(Jay) Westermeier (LL.M, JD, MBA) was Attorney at Law with Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP in Reston, VirginiaUSA prior to which he was a partner in DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP, Reston, VA.

    David Bender, (Sc.B, LLB, LLM) was Senior Privacy Counsel in the New York City office of DLA Piper US LLP, prior to which he was Of Counsel at White & Case LLP, and prior to that served as head of AT&T’s IP Litigation Department, New York,and is now Senior lecturer at University of Houston Law School, New York

    Prof. Dr. Hong Xue is a Professor of Law and the Director of the Institute for the Internet Policy & Law at Beijing Normal University (BNU) as well She is an ICANN ccNSO councilor and the Chair of Council of Chinese Domain Name Users Alliance.

    Shalini Agarwal, (LLB, LLM Cantab.) is founding partner at In Se Legal, London and Ganesh Prasad - Affiliated with Khaitan & Co. Mumbai and Bangalore.

    Philip Woolfson (M.A., LL.B) is a partner of Steptoe & Johnson LLP, a US firm of lawyers based in Brussels with its head office in Washington DC

    Anna Sharpe (LL.B. (Hons), LL.M) (LLB (Hons), LLM, Grad Dip App Corp Gov, ACIS, ASCA) is the principal of the law firm Sharpe Ivo prior to which she was partner at Clayton Utz, Brisbanee

    Takashi Kanai, Frantech Law Office, Tokyo
    Wakaba Hara, Makino Law, Tokyo prior to which she worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo

    Electronic and Digital Signatures
    Stephen Mason, is an English barrister specialising in electronic and digital signature law.

    Alternative Dispute Resolution Contributor:
    Dr Juan Pablo Cortés Dieguéz (LLB, LLM, PhD) is Professor of Civil Justice, Leicester Law School, University of Leicester, England, a non-practising Spanish attorney and a Gould Research Fellow, Stanford School of Law, USA.

    Some Book Reviews

    "Books such as this should be seen as a godsend by computer lawyers freed from the drudgery of inventing text and formats"
    -Computer Law and Practice

    "...the precedents...are useful starting points with the principal issues and local variations highlighted...There is little doubt that this is a useful addition to the bookshelves of the IT specialist practitioner"
    - Computer & Telecommunication Law Review

    "We are told that we shall soon all be passengers on the 'information superhighway', caught up in a 'multi-media revolution.' However, amidst all the hype remains the fundamental concept that, irrespective of the end results or functions of this technology, there must be an old fashioned contractual relationship between parties who wish to use or exploit it in any way."
    -The Legal Executive Journal

  "In addition, to reflect the international nature of information technology, the work also provides a Commentary which goes some of the way to explain the law and practice behind the precedents from the viewpoints of a number of countries. Clearly presented and extremely useful, this will greatly assist the ever increasing band of IT practitioners."
-The Legal Executive Journal

"The universality in style and content of the contracts included in the publication is intended to reassure the user that the laws relating to computers in general, and intellectual property in particular, have developed and evolved along substantially similar lines in all the jurisdictions represented."
-Computer Law & Security Report