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An Internet Search Engine is an internet search tool designed to offer internet users a easy means of searching for and finding websites and webpages of any individual, company, organisation, association or institution anywhere in the world. It can be compared to using a global telephone directory, where the user searches the alphabetical index for a name. Similarly, using a search engine, the user types in the name or word which is to be searched for and clicks “search”.

It is because search engines are so efficient at trawling the ‘net for every single match to the searched name or word that very often the search results produce a list of tens or hundreds of thousands of successful matches. With such an immense list of relevant sources/the Clients, the user is only likely to look at the top 20 or so names before choosing which website to visit.

This being the case, there is huge competition among the Clients offering any goods, services or material online to appear in the top 20 or so names listed by any search engine. The problem for Consultants is how to get listed in that prime position.

To say that this is an activity which requires a huge amount of up-to-date technological know how not only about how different search engines search, find, categorise and place websites but also about how to attract search engine “spiders” or other technological search tools to find and then list one the Client’s website before another’s, would be an understatement.

Enter the growing breed of new consultant - the search engine optimisation (also called web positioning) consultant whose services may currently include the creation of doorway sites,
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