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In order to sell goods successfully on-line, the manufacturer, supplier, retailers, selling agents, distributors and delivery agents ie all parties in the supply chain must all contribute to and share a relevant pool of information about the purchaser, the goods purchased, payment and the delivery address.

The easiest way to do this is for such parties to use the same e-commerce system (engine or platform, as such systems are also called), rather than try to link their existing systems which will undoubtedly have inherent inconsistencies and incompatibilities. They can either do this the expensive way by having a bespoke system developed for them or alternatively, license a ready-made system. This contract is written to cover the latter licensing situation.

Typical e-commerce systems (engines or platforms) will have the now familiar electronic "shopping-cart" which appears visually on screen like a supermarket shopping cart or trolley into which the purchaser 'electronically' places the goods it wishes to purchase. The 'shopping cart' then goes to the electronic payment checkout which offers secure payment options. Once payment is authorised/confirmed the goods will progress to the delivery processing stage.

Such e-commerce systems will also include inventory management functionality as well as functionality to capture as much useful information about purchaser and website visitors to use for marketing and advertising purposes.

This contract also permits, indeed encourages, licensees to introduce as many of its suppliers and/or retailing agents to join in and become licensees to use the same system.
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