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Websites consist of a complex array of material including visual and perhaps also audio-visual material which we see in the web pages on our computer screens and hear their special effects when they are broadcast (webcast).

Websites also consist of software programming, which makes the web pages appear on screen and other electronic and digital material which allows the website to be found (through its domain name and meta tags) or to link to other websites (through hypertext links).

Websites have become a major asset in the ‘dot com’ revolution of the late 1990s, when popular websites with large numbers of users were being sold for millions of dollars.

In order to transfer the ownership of such an asset when purchased, all the intellectual property in the multifarious aspects which make up a website, including or especially its domain name (i.e. it’s URL or the name by which it is found on the Internet), must be assigned to the purchaser.

The assignment must also secure the rights to any enhancements, modification or other variations which the seller/assignor may have created or is capable of creating (specially if it is in competition with the website being assigned.

Finally, the website has been created through the seller/assignor’s know how and expertise as well as his understanding of ‘Internet culture’ which has made the website worth buying, so it is important to secure the seller’s continued help in understanding the intricacies of the website being purchased as well as to secure any patent and other registerable rights of ownership.
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