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WW011. INTERNET CONTENT LICENSE AGREEMENT (drafted for Content Provider's benefit)

On the Internet, competition is rife, with millions of websites pursuing billions of `surfers’ (i.e. website visitors/users) worldwide. The more surfers who `hit’ (i.e. visit) a website, the more valuable that website becomes to advertisers, who will pay to have their advertising `banners’ (i.e. window or box style advertising strips) appear on the websites containing content with a high `hit’ rate.

The most popular `browser’ or search engine networks such as Yahoo and AltaVista can command huge sums for advertising banners on their home page. Choosing the right mix of content to attract visitors and to keep them coming back is therefore paramount to success.

The Content creator/provider is attracted by the added exposure on the Internet which its content will have when displayed within any of the large networks for example, in addition to receiving a percentage of the revenue from the advertisers who place `banners’ on the websites containing their content.

However, the Content Provider must ensure that the content is not devalued by being placed on unsuitable, or even illegal or harmful, websites. As this Contract is drafted for the content provider’s benefit, Clause 6 includes such provisions in addition to other safeguards.

This Contract also includes the parameters in which the Network Owner may use the content (Clause 4). This is especially important to protect the Content Provider’s copyright in the material. For example, the `look and feel’ of the content may not be changed by the Network Owner nor the content `framed’ within a third party website in a manner so that the Content Provider is not identifiable.
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