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Privacy on the Internet is an issue of global concern with the creation of sophisticated software tools to capture personal details of users without their knowledge or consent. This has acted as a deterrent to e-commerce and has spurred a growth in self-regulatory measures by the Internet community of suppliers to assure users that they will treat their personal data responsibly and openly advise them what parts (if any) of their details will be disclosed and to whom. This reflects a maturing of the Internet community which offers a richness of material that is unsurpassed in any other media.

Internet users now expect website suppliers to exhibit a social conscience and act responsibly with respect to the usersí personal data and many websites now display privacy statements or notices advising the user what will or will not be done with their personal information gathered from their use of that website. This information can be gathered automatically and unknown to the user.

Privacy and data protection have become huge areas of debate in many jurisdictions and the subject of legislative measures. However, the Internet is a global medium and no single jurisdictional laws will be effective which, at present at least, only leaves self-regulatory measures as a userís best guide as to the protection available.

These are examples of privacy statements used on websites to assure Internet users how the website owner will use visitorsí personal data (if at all).
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