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WW006. On-line Data Subscriber Agreement

This Contract deals with the supply of on line information to businesses of all types e.g. financial to stockbrokers, legal to lawyers and information of all types to end-users generally.

With the large number of database services available and the advances in technology which permits easy manipulation of information it is important for there to be clear and specific terms to regulate the manner in which data can be accessed, what can or cannot be done with it and how it may be used. This Contract has very detailed conditions of use and prohibitions.

The Contract also contains specific conditions of use applicable to the Subscriberís own equipment and software to safeguard against misuse, unauthorised downloading of data, and corruption of the Data Bureauís databases or mainframes.

There are very specific copyright provisions which differentiate between copyright in the data content and the copyright in the database as a compilation of copyright material.

Finally, there are strict indemnity provisions for the Subscriberís use of the data.
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