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WW004. Internet Service Provider Agreement

This Contract is for use between an Internet Service Provider (‘ISP’) and a private or commercial user who wishes to access the Internet (or other on-line network services) through the ISP’s server(s) (computer systems).

The ISP provides access between the User (the party subscribing to the ISP’s services) and other parties using the Internet through e-mail, the World Wide Web, bulletin boards, ‘chat rooms’, etc. This facility creates specific global obligations not only between the parties but also to other users of the Internet.

Since the ISP industry world-wide has now started to develop its own Codes of Practice for use of the Internet as well as being subject to local laws, regulations and cultures with regard to information placed on and retrieved from the Internet, the Contract contains specific obligations and conditions with respect to information sent through or made available on the Internet. For example, the User will:-
  • not use the Service in breach of laws, codes or regulations, copyright or other intellectual property rights; nor to incite violence or racial hatred; or to facilitate prostitution or paedophilia.
  • not introduce to the Internet destructive programs such as viruses and worms.
  • not invade other user’s privacy.
  • use an up-to-date virus checker.
  • not tamper with routing or domain name services or ‘spoof’ other users’ WWW sites.
  • fully, accurately and honestly use credit card facilities.
  • be liable for their own business activities carried out on the Internet using the Service.
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