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SY001. System Turnkey Agreement (drafted for the Contractor’s benefit)

This is a “turnkey” agreement which co ordinates the purchase and supply of computer hardware, the licensing or sub licensing of software; their installation and testing together as a system and finally, their “bringing into service” and handing “the key” (i.e. the System) over to the customer. It also provides for continuing obligations to maintain the hardware and support the software (at least) for the warranty period.

In this Contract, the Contractor is the Equipment manufacturer although this contract can easily be amended to apply to any contractor providing third party hardware and software. (Notes for guidance to amend are included in the contract).

Since this particular Contract is drafted for the benefit of the Contractor, it minimises the extensive liability and responsibility involved in such an arrangement, especially where third party hardware and software suppliers require to provide goods and services as part of the system.
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