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This Contract provides for a situation in which software needs to be modified or "converted" to be compatible with particular equipment being supplied by a distributor. This may arise where the software owner wishes to widen the market for its software so that it can operate on a wider range of systems (e.g. IBM compatibles, as well as Apple Macintosh, DEC, etc.) and in so doing, the Software Owner can recoup more speedily the considerable costs of writing software. So, in addition to those distributors who are primarily involved in marketing software the Software Owner may also wish to appoint distributors who are primarily concerned with marketing established or known "brand name" systems, especially where such systems are sold in large numbers or already have a large customer base. An important contribution to the success in selling large numbers of systems is offering a range of compatible software packages to their customers.
In order to obtain compatibility of such software with the systems which such distributors market, the software owner may be required to "convert" the software for use on the system. The conversion process may also be carried out by the distributor although, in order to do so, the distributor will first require proprietary information which the software owner may not be willing to disclose and secondly, once the software is converted, any defects in conversion will be the responsibility of the distributor. For these reasons therefore, it is advisable for the software owner itself to perform the task of conversion.
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