Order - Contracts List


This Contract conjoins the principal terms of a Software License and separate Software Support Agreement in one contract, the effect of which is to incorporate software support as an integral part of the software license. The extent of the support offered depends entirely upon the software owner, supplier or distributor, but it generally tends to include (a) telephone or fax "Hotline" or "Help Desk" facilities, through which the customer can obtain fast, direct advice on software or operator problems; (b) software error or "bug" correction (the corrected version then being made available to the licensee as part of the Support Charge); (c) information on the latest software developments and, (d) support of any modem or attachment, which the licensor has given (usually on loan) to the licensee, through which the licensor can obtain information directly from the licensee's computer (usually via a telephone line) and thereby analyse any fault without having to send support staff to the licensee's location.

It is a typical end user customer agreement, which should be signed and returned before receipt of the software or support. It must include, however, provisions for terminating support while continuing the software license element of the agreement.
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