Order - Contracts List

SW003. Software Distribution Agreement (Distributorís benefit)

This Software Distribution Agreement is drafted for the benefit of the Distributor and provides for the appointment of the Distributor as exclusive distributor of the Software world-wide. However, there are notes for guidance to amend the text if the appointment is non-exclusive.

In this Contract, the Distributor holds the master disks and reproduces such quantities of the Software as it requires for end-users. In addition, to protect the Distributorís investments in marketing the Software, there is a provision that the software Owner place the source code in escrow to ensure continuity of the support material in the event that the Software Owner goes bankrupt or fails to support or upgrade the Software.

This Contact also allows the Distributor to dictate the end-user license fee and pay a percentage royalty per copy to the Software Owner.

There are specific Software Owner Undertakings including:- to pass on leads; to support the Distributor if required and to update and improve the Software.

In addition, the Software Owner warrants that the Software in Year 2000 compliant. This is still relevant until the end of 2000.
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