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Voice and data communications (including e-mail) are now essential tools of modern business and institutions. Data and information requires to be transmitted frequently and with accuracy to any part of the world. In most countries, there are telecommunications providers (one of which is often a national/state body, although independent consortia of carriers often provide global cover) with which the User must contract.

Typical communication services may include: asynchronous, synchronous and bisynchronous dedicated and dial-up communications connectivity for domestic and international users and data suppliers. The service provider must also provide network maintenance and support services, including disaster recovery (see the Fifth Schedule to this Contract).

The Provider will usually supply and support the necessary equipment, software, Nodes and Network access required to ensure trouble-free and continued use of the chosen network by the User. The provision of such products and services will involve the Provider in “project management” services similar to those provided in a Facilities Management Agreement (see website). A detailed example of the type of products and services typically included are set out in the Fourth Schedule to this Contract which also includes Disaster Recovery Services.

As with the provision of any service or utility, terms relating to standards of performance and service levels are important to include as guidelines upon which to gauge the quality of service.
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