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M010. CONSULTANCY AGREEMENT (drafted for the benefit of the Consultant)

Consultants may be appointed for very many reasons by many different parties, e.g. by a customer, to advise the customer on what computer system to buy to best satisfy the customer's requirements; or to assist in preparation of a software specification or system acceptance test criteria or to verify software source material for escrow.

Consultants may be appointed by a developer to assist in a special area of software development with which the developer is not familiar. Accordingly, this Contract may be used as the agreement between an independent software author and a developer, who may then contract the author's services to a client using this Contract. It may also be used to appoint an independent consultant to evaluate software either for a potential customer or for a developer or distributor.

Whatever the reason for appointment, this Contract is a simple versatile agreement which can be used to cover any number of situations in which special expert advice and/or assistance is required by any party.

This particular Contract is drafted for the benefit of the Consultant (see website for agreement drafted for client’s benefit).
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