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M004. Beta Test Agreement

When the development of any computer product, particularly software, is complete the Developer will test the product in-house to check that the functionality and all other details of the product specification have been met. However, in order for the Developer to test the product properly in as near a live commercial environment as possible prior to general commercial release, the Developer will seek the assistance of end-users willing to use the product in their own work environment and spend some time in assessing the product in that live situation.

Usually, such end-users are existing customers of the Developer with whom the Developer has a good working relationship. This end-user will become the beta tester who is required to report its findings, opinions and perhaps recommendations to the Developer so the Developer can determine if the product is ready for commercial release. The Developer must ensure that the beta tester is aware that it may not function properly, and as a result ensure that they will not become liable for this.
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