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  • Authoritative

    Since 1980, Computalaw has been advising and drafting contracts for clients large and small (from start-ups to multi-nationals to law firms ) world-wide involved in all types of business innovation, ecommerce, internet, software, Cloud computing and online/web-based businesses generally. These contracts have been drafted in conjunction with some of the world’s leading lawyers.

    Such has been our leading-edge authoritative position in this area of law for over 30 years and quality of our contracts, that Computalaw is also a significant author of contract law with the international publishers Thomson Reuters/Sweet & Maxwell which publishes Computalaw’s annually updated 5000 page contract book entitled "International Computer and Internet Contracts and Law" (See Publications)

  • Affordable, Easy and Ready-to-Use

    In order to make these contracts available and affordable for the benefit of all, Computalaw has made more than 65 of its most commonly used contracts, forms, agreements, licenses and documents available on this website in a ready-to use format, so just add parties’ names and get started. All contracts also include Explanatory Notes to help you to negotiate or amend the contract (See 'Sample contract').

  • Examples of our most commonly requested contracts:

    1. Website development contracts
    2. Website hosting agreements
    3. Internet content agreements
    4. ISP agreements
    5. SEO agreements
    6. Website banner advertising agreements
    7. Software licenses (including shrink-wrap, web-wrap, browse-wrap, OpenSource, GNU, BSD licenses)
    8. Software development contracts
    9. Distribution agreements (for online and traditional software, hardware or systems)
    10. E-book publishing agreements
    11. 3-D Printing agreements
    12. Data supply/content licences and agreements
    13. Co-location agreements
    14. Global network contracts
    15. Escrow agreements
    16. Outsourcing agreements
    17. On-line subscriber agreements
    18. Copyright ownership and assignment agreements
    19. Evaluation and Beta test agreements
    20. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements


  • All contracts include multi-jurisdictional clauses so they can be used in the UK, Europe, USA, China, India, Australia, Japan and on the Internet.

  • Digital Signature and Online Dispute Resolution options

    All contracts include signing options for Digital signatures and well as clauses for Online Dispute Resolution.

  • Translation Services

    If you require any of the Computalaw Contracts translated into languages other than English, you may use the Translation service provided on the website.