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Computalaw is a company of business, intellectual property, internet and ecommerce lawyers from around the world with more than 30 years’ experience advising and drafting contracts for clients large and small (from start-ups to multi-nationals as well as law firms) world-wide involved in all types of business innovation, ecommerce, internet, software, Cloud computing and online/web-based businesses generally.

In keeping with that leading edge position, Computalaw has made available on this website more than 65 of its most commonly used contracts, forms, agreements, licenses, and documents, all of which have been drafted in conjunction with some of the world’s leading lawyers.

All contracts include multi-jurisdictional clauses so they can be used in the UK, Europe, USA, China, India, Australia, Japan and on the Internet. They also include options for digital signing and Online Dispute Resolution.

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Website development contracts


Cloud Computing contracts


Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements


Software licenses (including shrink-wrap, web-wrap, browse-wrap licenses)


Software development contracts


Online Software Distribution agreements


Outsourcing agreements


Website banner advertising agreements


Website hosting agreements


Copyright ownership and assignment

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Latest News
The newly updated 2017 Releases of "International Computer & Internet Contracts and Law" (Thomson/Sweet and Maxwell) include specialist in-depth legal Commentaries for UK, European Union, USA, China, India, Australia, Japan and:
  • 65 ready-to-use, multi-jurisdictional contracts on CD for use in UK, European Union, USA, China, India, Australia, Japan and on the Internet;
  • Internet & E-commerce law,
  • Digital and Electronic Signatures and
  • Online Dispute Resolution

Now also printed for the South Asian Market

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All contracts are complete and ready-to-use, cutting out expensive drafting. Just add parties’ names to start using. All contracts are written by experts with at least 25 years experience in law. All Contracts have Explanatory Notes to assist your negotiation.